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The Theory of being loved

you know, love is just like someone waiting for a bus.
when the bus comes, you look at it and you said to yourself.
" full....cannot sit down one".
so you said to yourself, "i'll wait for the next one".

so you let the bus go and waited for the second bus.
then the second bus came, you looked at it and you said,
"eee...this bus so old..surely very uncomfortable one."
so you let the bus go and again, decided to wait for the next bus.

after a while another bus came,
it's not crowded, not old but you said,
" air-con one..and the weather is so warm,
better wait for the next one"
so again you let the bus go and decided to wait for the next bus.

then the sky started to get dark as it is getting late.
you panicked and jump on to the next on coming bus.
it is not until much later that you found out
that you had boarded on to the wrong bus!

so you wasted your time and money waiting for what you want!
even if an airson bus came, can you ensure that the aircon bus
won't break down or whether will the aircon be too cold for you?
so people wanting to get what you want is not wrong.
but it wouldn't hurt to give other people a chance right?
if you found that the "bus" doesn't suit you, just press the red
button and get off the bus.

but wait...i'm sure you have this experience before.
you saw a bus coming (the bus you want of course)
you flagged it but the driver act blur
by pretending not seeing you and zoomed pass you!

well, and when the bus zoomed pass, what you may have to do is

the bottom line is being loved is like waiting for a bus
whether you want.
to get on the bus and give the bus a chance depends totally on you.
and walking is like being out of love.

you never lose by loving.
you always lose by holding back.